Two-word Adventuron treasure-hunt game jam is underway

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Two-word Adventuron treasure-hunt game jam is underway

#1 Post by Garry » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:38 am

The third Adventuron game jam has just started at This time around, the rules specify that the game must be text only with a two-word limit on all room descriptions, object descriptions and commands. Messages have a six-word limit.

The aim of the jam is to return to the glory days of the puzzle-based text adventures that we all know and love. The game must be a classic treasure hunt.

There are already 72 people registered. If the first two jams are any indication, there will be about 25% of those people that will submit a game before the jam finishes around 5 March 2020 (depending on your time zone). Submissions will be judged by an all-star panel of will-known adventure luminaries! See the jam's overview page (given below) for a list.

Game jams are a lot of fun, so if you've been thinking of writing an adventure or you're up for a bit of a challenge with the two-word restriction, give it a go! Adventuron is easy to use and fairly easy to learn. There are lots of beginners doing their first text adventure or their first Adventuron adventure or their first game jam, so you won't feel left out if you're a first-timer. And there's plenty of help in the community forum.

For full details, see Even if you don't want to enter yourself, there will be lots of fun games to play when the jam is over, so check it out.

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