Seeking adventure from 'DCW Magazine' for Atari 8-bit

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Seeking adventure from 'DCW Magazine' for Atari 8-bit

#1 Post by Garry » Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:31 pm

I know this is a long shot, but I'm trying to track down an adventure from DCW Magazine. This is a Dutch disk magazine for the Atari 8-bit computers. I first saw it mentioned in Atari Classics, vol.2, no.3, February 1983, p. 10, where staff columnist Ed Hall did a review of disk magazines. He described DCW Magazine as follows:

"I've only seen the first side of the introductory issue. There isn't a lot of text, but most of it is in English. There's also an interesting variety of programs: a text adventure, ..."

That last phrase caught my attention! He gave no title or description of the text adventure and that's why I'm trying to track it down.

An internet search revealed very little. The comp.sys.atari.8bit FAQ (dated 30 Sep 1994) and Vendors and Developers list (dated 16 Mar 1995) gave the following details:

DCW Magazine
Richard Vermeulen
Princessenpad 3
5502 TV Veldhoven
The Netherlands
Free introductory issue, 7.50 Dutch guilders/disk, outside Holland add 6.00 guilders/disk

The same details were in Atari Magazin, November/December 1993. And that's all I could find.

There must surely be someone somewhere who knows more about DCW Magazine or even has a copy of the first issue with the text adventure. If so, please share the knowledge here or send me a PM.

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