IFDB Poll - Solved without Hints

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IFDB Poll - Solved without Hints

#1 Post by Eriorg » Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:22 pm

There's currently an IFDB poll which made me think about the members of this forum. It asks if there are text adventure games -- relatively difficult ones, not modern puzzleless IF finished in half an hour! -- we solved completely without hints or solutions of any kind.

Personally, I must say I can't think about any really difficult ones I solved without at least an in-game hint, a cypheric hint (hello Magnetic Scrolls!), a magazine hint or walkthrough, help from other people, or hints/walkthroughs/forums from the Internet. For instance, I did solve Wishbringer without hints, but that's just too easy to count!

But I'm sure some of you are better puzzle solvers... So, if you want to brag about achievements you're particularly proud of, you can answer that poll on the IFDB site!

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