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Looking for a QBasic Game

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 4:38 pm
by J1Bunny
Hello! I've been looking (for the last twenty years or so) for a game I played when I was a child in the mid-90s. I've been searching the site, and while I've not yet found it, I thought someone here might know.

It was an Adventure-style QBasic game (possibly DOS, but I'm 90% sure it was QBasic), strictly text, and one of the more interesting conventions was that if you went back to a location at which you had found treasure, your character would die. For instance, you go east and find gold, then if you move west and then east again, you fall into a pit and die. The humor was slightly tongue-in-cheek, and the above convention is explained at the beginning. The final boss in this game could be defeated with, I believe, chicken nuggets.

Thank you!