Game suggestion: Werner's Quest series

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Game suggestion: Werner's Quest series

#1 Post by FredrikR » Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:27 pm

Just a little hint for anyone looking for some fresh, old game to play, or perhaps looking for some old game for which there is no solution on the Solution Archive.

There's an old game series ('85) called Werner's Quest, which is basically a spoof of Zork and some other games. It was made with the Quill and released for the C64 on a disk with a total of four games on it. I believe one of these four games (probably The Black Ladder) was ported to the Spectrum at some point and named Werner's Quest. On the Solution Archive, there's a solution for this game, but no solutions for the three other games.

You can download the complete set here: ...

The zip file includes the game in both the original D64 and the newer Z-code format, as well as an interpreter for MS-DOS (should run under Windows or in DOSBox under Linux). If you use some other OS, you need to get a Z-code interpreter for your particular OS, or a C64 emulator which accepts D64 disk image files, like VICE.

If you play any of the games, why not write a small review for IFDB while you're at it?

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