Missing Atari 8-bit titles

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Re: Missing Atari 8-bit titles

#76 Post by Strident » Sun Nov 19, 2023 2:12 pm

Garry wrote:
Sun Nov 19, 2023 1:42 pm
The publisher is HACE. I'm presuming this is H--- Atari Computer Enthusiasts. Any idea what the "H" stands for?
Possibly the Houston Atari Computer Enthusiasts user group.
https://archive.org/details/atari_inter ... /page/n49/
(who published "Update Atari")

Here's a letter dating back to their early days when they were obviously converting programs that appeared in Softside to the Atari!
https://archive.org/details/softside-ma ... usiasts%22

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Re: Missing Atari 8-bit titles

#77 Post by www.atarimania.com » Mon Nov 20, 2023 7:50 pm

The question appears to be whether the SoftSide games can be added to the group's PD library so they can be exchanged, I don't think the point is about converting anything. This being said, the Lost Dutchman's Gold is likely from 1981 like most of what the user group released so that game may have prompted Gerald Manegold to write to the magazine (if he was specifically thinking about adventures that is).

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