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Problem saving fixed game ccs64

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 12:46 pm
by Alex
Yesterday I started to play A Western Adventure which appeared to be a rather interesting game due to the moving main character. The puzzles are quite easy to solve so it's good game for beginners.

I noticed the version on the internet had several bugs which made it impossible to solve the game. I started to fix them all which was a bit cumbersome because the game uses excess length lines (more than 80 characters) which can't be edited in normal basic so I had to split them up making them shorter.

After a while (several bugs later) I managed to make a fully playable copy. However since I started to use Windows 10 a few months ago my ccs64 emulator has problems saving snapshots and also saving files to disks in the emulator. I wanted to write the game on an empty disk but the emulator does not save the game properly.

Can anyone save it for me on an empty disk so I can upload it on the site? Please let me know and I’ll send you the working ccs64 snapshot file.

Re: Problem saving fixed game ccs64

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 3:45 pm
by Alex
I just understood it is not a problem with my emulator, but the game uses poke 44 to store the sprite data which is not in the basic code. I will upload my CCS64 save state which can be run and a file with all the changes I made. If someone wants to play the game on an emulator not being CC$64 just load the game, press run/stop and change the lines I changed to make a playable version.

If someone wanst to give it ta try. These are the changes I made in the code to get a working copy:

Change the following lines:
17 DATA2,2,11,3,1,8,2,15,1,9,6,3,15,1,4,10,3,15,3,1,4,10,15,11,9,10,7,15,15,13
81 DATA10,15,15,15,13,10,15,15,15,13,6,7,7,7,6
17 DATA2,2,11,3,1,8,2,15,1,9,6,3,15,1,4,10,3,15,3,1,4,10,15,11,9,10,15,15,15,13
81 DATA14,15,15,15,13,14,15,15,15,13,6,7,7,7,5
This solves some room connection errors in the desert area.

Change the following line:
This is just a typo.

Change the following line:
5048 IFB$="OP"ANDD$=Z$(5)THEN6010
THis solves the problem of not being able to open the tin with the opener. Due to the excess length of the line I had to split it up.

Change the following line:
This solves the problem of not being able to eat the food.

Change the following line:
5076 IFA=1THENZ=11:GOSUB3400:IFF=1THENZ=11GOSUB3470:GOTO9130
This solves the problem of not being able to load the gun.

Change the following line:
11000 GOSUB3350
11000 A$="":B$="":C$="":D$="":GOSUB3350
This solves the problem of not being able to use the command LOOK after using the command LOAD GUN

Change the following line:
11140 IFB$="LO"THENGOSUB3000:GOTO10000
Into :
11140 IFB$="LO"ANDD$<>Z$(7)THENGOSUB3000:GOTO10000
This solves the problem of not recognizing the command LOAD GUN from LOOK

Add the following line:
21051 IFOL>45THENOL=OL-6
This solves the problem of the outlaw walking into non-existing locations.

Or you can just load the CCS64 snapshot I will upload and type RUN tot start playing. :D