Ode to a text adventurer

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Ode to a text adventurer

#1 Post by catventure » Tue Oct 24, 2023 10:38 am

Ode to a text adventurer

In the depths of cyberspace where worlds unfold
A realm of magic and wonder yet untold
We embark on a journey, the path unknown
For in text adventures our dreams are sown

Through letters and pixels a narrative blooms
Taking us to realms where imaginations zooms
No graphics or sound, just lines on a screen
But within lies a world so vivid and serene

With trembling keystrokes choices are made
A hero's fate in our hands is laid
We navigate chasms, puzzles to solve
As our subconcious and spirit evolve

Each command input a fateful plea
As on screen text scrolls voraciously
We unravel mysteries, forge destinies bright
In realms of fiction we bask in the light

Oh, the bliss of discovery in these virtual lands
Where heroes are born with our inputted commands
The power to create, imagine, explore
Beyond the confines of our earthly shore

From shattered kingdoms to space's vast expanse
Our words are portals where realities dance
Each line we read the adventure takes flight
Unleashing emotions, igniting our inner sight

We may meet fear in a darkened cave
Yet courage blossoms, our heart becomes brave
Using the syntaxes that we comprehend
Boundaries are breached and our souls ascend

Let us journey through realms sublime
As weaving narratives stand the test of time
For in these games our spirits ignite
Weaving tapestries of pure delight

Though pixels flash and screens may fade
Memories remain, forever engraved
In these digital pathways we earnestly explore
We find ourselves, and so much more!
TAB is an offline, downloadable, parser-based retro text adventure/interactive creator for Windows XP and above.
It is similar to popular 80's adventure creators like QUILL, PAW, STAC or GAC.

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Re: Ode to a text adventurer

#2 Post by Simon » Thu Nov 09, 2023 9:10 pm

Very nice!

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