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Games - Adult (110 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Adult 2 Scull PD info 1990 English Solution, Map
Adult Adventure, An Stephen Peacock 1985 English Solution, Map
Adventures of Snatch and Crunch, The Tony Stiles 1990 English
Anal Frustriert Robin Haberkorn ? German
And So It Goes Adam Conover 2004 English Solution, Map
Another Sex Adventure Particple Soft 1994 English
Awe Chasm Tony Stiles 1991 English
Bite of the Sorority Vampires Free Spirit Software 1988 English Solution
Black Adder HaMa Software 1985 English Solution, Map
Boredom Scull PD info 1990 English Solution
Bunny Jagd A&S 1989 German Solution
Can I Cheat Death? Scull PD info 1988 English Solution, Map
Caroline Kristian Kronstrand 2014 English
Casino of Pleasure Softcore Software 1982 English
Cathouse ? ? English
Cattus Atrox David A. Cornelson 1998 English Solution, Map
Chicks Dig Jerks Robb Sherwin 1999 English
Clutches of the Balrog Sonia Griffiths-Glover ? English Solution
Conquest of Amy's Holes, The ? ? English
Crime du parking, Le Froggy Software 1985 French Solution
Cruising the Strip ? ? English
Dallas Nasty John Pitts ? English
Dallax - Sex und Crime in Southfork A&S 1989 German Solution
Dark Soul Alexandre Owen Muñiz 2003 English Solution, Map
Dead by Morning Sam Kabo Ashwell 2003 English
DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH Gunther Schmidl 2000 English Solution, Map
Dirty Western A&S 1988 German
Dragon Story KAP 1998 Czech
Dream Girls A&S 1987 German Solution
Dream-Trap of Zzar, The S. John Ross 2011 English Solution, Map
Drive-In ADAMagic Software, Program Dynamics 1982 English Solution
DSYP Cellar Door Games 2009 English
Emanuelle A&S 1988 German Solution
Erotika A&S 1987 German Solution
Erotika II A&S 1988 German Solution
Erotika III A&S 1989 German Solution
Eunuchs' Ball, The Adventure Workshop, The info, Dragonsoft info 1995 English Solution
Fantasy Girl A&S 1987 German Solution
Farmer's Daughter, The Nocturnal Software 1986 English Solution
Fifi's Whorehouse II - The Next Day James R. Davis 1989 English
Fuckerman 00 Software 1985 English
Fuego de Dragon Javier San Jose 2000 Spanish
Granny's Place Temple Software 1983 English
Green Sonja Psychaedelic Hedgehog Software info 1991 English Solution
Hardporn Adventure #1 Jot Enterprises 1985 English
Hatchet Honeymoon Free Spirit Software 1988 English
Horrible Secret of Erotica-X, The ANALOG Computing info ? English Solution
Hot Girls A&S 1988 German
I-0 Adam Cadre info 1997 English Solution
I-0 - Interestatal Cero Adam Cadre info, Miguel Villaverde Rodal info 2000 Spanish