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Games - Stuck on island (90 results)

Games which often place the player on a, typically, Robinson Crusoe'sque tropical island, replete with wild animals and natives. The goal will usually be to escape from said island, with or without hunting for hidden treasures on the way.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
île Tristam, L Hugo Labrande 2021 French
Adventure David Johnston ? English Solution
Adventure Island J. B. Cattley info ? English Solution, Map
Atalan Atlas Adventure Software info, Zzap64 1988 English Solution, Map
Atlantic Adventure ? ? Dutch
Atlantic Adventure Homecomputer info, Roeske Verlag 1984 German Solution, Map
Atlantis Adventure M&J Software 1984 English Solution, Map
Castaway Micro Adventurer, Sunshine Books 1984 English Solution, Map
Castaway Simonsoft 1984 English Solution
Castaway ANALOG Computing info 1987 English Solution, Map
Challenge of the Pirate King, The CodeWriter 1985 English Map
Citadel of Yah-Mon, The Guild Adventure Software, The info ? English Solution
Crusoe Automata UK info 1984 English Map
Desert Island Atlas Adventure Software info, H&D Services info 1985 English Solution, Map
Devil's Island Gary Davies ? English Solution
Devil's Island Gilsoft International 1983 English Solution, Map
Devil's Island Apex Trading 1982 English
Diamant de l'île maudite, Le Loriciels 1984 French Solution
Escape From Barnaby's Isle Antic Publishing info 1989 English
Escape From Cannibal Island, The Jimssoft ? English
Escape From Dinosaur Island Richard Pettigrew 2018 English Solution, Puzzle chart
Escape from Pirate's Isle Björn Gustavsson ? English Solution, Map
Escape From Raka Tua Mountain Valley Software info 1985 English Solution, Map
Fire Island Holl Soft info 1986 English Solution
Flykten Milbus Productions 1987 Swedish Solution, Clue sheet
Forgotten Past, The Adventure Workshop, The info, Guild Adventure Software, The info 1987 English Solution
Geheimnisvolle Insel, Die Vogel Verlag 1987 German
Horror Atoll Kayde Software info 1983 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Ile Oubliee, L' Lankhor 1993 French
Insel, Die Markt & Technik, Power Games 1991 German Solution, Map, Hints
Invincible Island Richard Shepherd Software 1983 English Solution, Map
Island Cyberdaemon 1995 English Solution
Island Falsoft 1985 English
Island Adventure Glengary Soft 1983 English
Island Adventure CLOAD info 1981 English
Island Adventure Honeysoft info 1985 English
Island of Artuan, The Kuma info 1984 English Solution
Island of Death Ocean Software 1983 English
Island of Lost Hope Digital Concepts 1989 English Solution
Island of Xaan Robico Software 1984 English Solution, Hints
Island, The Grim Reaper, The info 1992 English
Island, The Johan Astrand info 1992 English Solution, Map
Island, The Crystal Computing 1984 English Solution, Map
Island, The A&B Computing 1986 English Solution, Map
Island, The Ken Bond 1989 English
Isola Perduta, L' ? ? Italian
Jara-Tava: The Isle of Fire Satchel 1988 English Solution, Map, Hints
Jewels of Sancara Island Matthew Hall 1988 English Solution
Jungle Quest A&B Computing 1986 English Solution
Knochen, Der S+S Soft Vertriebs ? German Map, Hints