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Games - Wander (4 results)

Wander was created by Peter Langston in 1974 (possibly 1973), thus predating Crowther & Woods' Colossal Cave Adventure by at least two years. Gamewise the two systems seem very alike, with cardinal directions, distinct locations and text parsing being used.

As I remember I came up with the idea for Wander and wrote an early version in HP Basic while I was still teaching at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA (that system limited names to six letters, so: WANDER, EMPIRE, CONVOY, SDRECK, GALAXY, etc.). Then I rewrote Wander in C on Harvard’s Unix V5 system shortly after our band moved to Boston in 1974. I got around to putting a copyright notice on it in 1978.

[- Peter Langston source]

Games created with Wander were referred to as "worlds". After being lost for a number of years, the system was re-discovered in 2015. Anthony Hope, who was part of this process, has more information on his blog.

Apart from the games listed below, Langston also used the system to write Tut, a tutorial in binary arithmetic, in 1978.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
A3 Peter Langston info 1977 English
Advent Peter Langston info 1981 English
Castle Peter Langston info 1974 English
Library Nat Howard 1978 English