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Games - World Builder (5 results)

World Builder is an adventure game creation system for the Mac, though originally it was not compatible with System 7 or later. It was first released in 1986 but publication was discontinued a few years later, and for several years the program was out of print and unavailable. On 7th August 1995 William C. Appleton, the creator of World Builder, released it to the public domain as Freeware.

World Builder is currently maintained by Ray R. Dunakin, who has modified it to run on System 7 to 9 inclusive, although sounds will not play on PPC Macs. The last stable version (1.2) was released in 1995 and can be downloaded from The Ray’s Maze Page, which is also where Ray Dunakin's World Builder games can be found.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Another Fine Mess Ray R. Dunakin 1992 English
Little Pythagoras Kenneth Moodie ? English
Mess O' Trouble, A Ray R. Dunakin 1994 English
Ray’s Maze Ray R. Dunakin 1990 English
Twisted! Ray R. Dunakin 1997 English