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Games - Visionary (5 results)

Aegis Visionary, "The Aegis Interactive Gaming Language", was developed by Kevin Kelm and published by Oxxi, Inc for the Commodore Amiga.

Capable of producing text-only, graphic-only, or hybrid adventure games (as well as dungeon crawling RPGs) it sported such features as 65,000 rooms and objects, 128,000 variables, stereo sound, and speech output.

The system was beta tested by John R. Olsen, who also wrote a supporting book 'The Visionary Programmer's Handbook, or Quilling the Great Adventure' and demonstration adventure.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Child Murderer, The Nodtronics 1994 English Solution, Hints
Dark Obsession Michael Zerbo info 1994 English Solution, Hints
I Was a Cannibal for the FBI John R. Olsen info ? English Solution
Inner Demons Michael Zerbo info 1994 English Solution, Hints
Magic Potion, The John R. Olsen info 1991 English