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Games (6196 results)

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Title Company Year Language Documents
Sekte, De Radarsoft 1985 Dutch Solution
Sellardore Tales Topologika info, Sherston 1991 English
Semi-detached at the End of the Street, The S. Phipps 2000 English Solution
Senor del Dragon, El Grupo Creators Union 1990 Spanish
Ser, El Jose Juan Rodenas Garcia 2009 Spanish
Sereamis Ariolasoft 1985 German Solution
Serendipity Dream World Adventures ? English Solution, Hints
Serf's Tale, The Players Software 1986 English Solution, Hints
Serpent's Lair, The Comsoft 1984 English Solution
Serpent's Star, The Ultrasoft, Brøderbund 1983 English Solution
Serpentine Tale, A Diane Rice 1993 English Solution
Serra Pelada Ciberne Software info 1984 Portuguese Map
Set Up! Global Games ? English Solution
Settlement XIII Dream World Adventures ? English Solution
Seven Cities of Cibola, The CPS Games 1982 English
Seven Keys, The Art of Games, The 1987 German
Seven Lost Gnomes WoW Software info 1992 English Solution, Map
Seven Parchments of Kandos, The Sinclair User 1989 English Solution, Hints
Seventh Generation, The Addison-Wesley Productions 1985 English
Seventh Heaven Budgie UK 1991 English
Seventh Star, The Acornsoft 1984 English Clue sheet
Severed Heads Sir Rah 1991 English Solution
Sewers of Moscow Softcore Software 1982 English
Sex Machine Shattered Dreams 1987 English
Sex Mission Marcus Ahrens, Holger Schmidt 1988 German
Sex Vixens From Space Free Spirit Software 1988 English Solution
SexiMatrix Mistic JOE 2000 Czech
Sexta Trompeta Edlobez 2014 Spanish
Sexual Conquest Gunther Schmidl 2003 English
Sfida All'ignoto Marco Vallarino info 1995 Italian
Shaana: Asteroid Sipe Software 1986 Italian
Shack Jon Ripley info 1995 English Solution
Shade Andrew Plotkin 2000 English Solution
Shadow in the Cathedral, The Textfyre info 2009 English
Shadow of the Bear, The Kuma 1985 English Map, Hints
Shadow on Glass, A Psychaedelic Hedgehog Software 1989 English Solution
Shadowgate Icom Simulations, Mindscape 1987 English
Shadows in the Night ? 1995 English Solution, Hints
Shadows of Mordor Melbourne House 1987 English Solution, Map, Hints
Shadows of the Past Compass Software 1987 English Solution
shadows on the mirror Chrysoula Tzavelas 2003 English
Shafted in San Diego ? 1986 English Solution
Shakey City Guild, The ? English Solution
Shaolin-Szu Judge Software 1991 Czech
Shard of Inovar Bulldog 1987 English Solution
Shards of Time Tartan Software 1988 English Solution
Sharpe's Deeds Incentive Software 1987 English Solution
She's Got a Thing for a Spring Brent VanFossen 1997 English Solution
Sheerluck Holmes and Dr. Witsend Speccysoft 1987 English
Shellshock Corrupt Code 1989 English Solution