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Games (5935 results)

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Title Company Year Language Documents
Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon Sierra On-Line info 1989 English Solution
Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter Sierra On-Line info 1986 English Solution
Space Saving Mission Ultravideo Software 1985 Czech
Space Ship Adventure CP Software 1982 English
Space Spy ? 1988 English Solution
Space Station ? ? English
Space Trek Swansoft 1985 English
Space Trek I Broomsoft 1986 English Solution, Map, Hints
Space Trek II Broomsoft 1986 English Solution, Map, Hints
Space Trek III Broomsoft 1986 English Solution, Map, Hints
Space Trouble II ABBUC 1989 English
Space Under the Window, The Andrew Plotkin 1997 English
Spaced Out ? 1984 English
Spaced-Out Simon Avery info 1990 English Solution
Spaceman Bob Alchemist Research ? English Solution
Spacemission ? 1984 German
Spacestation David Ledgard 1998 English Solution
Spacestation Beta 1 Dan Brochner Nielsen, Peter Lumbye 1986 English
SPACEX 4Mation Educational Resources 1984 English
Spadolin Editions Fermont 1986 Italian
Spadolin 2: All 'Ambasciata Editions Fermont 1986 Italian
Spandar ? 1988 English
Spanish Gold Chalksoft 1983 English
Spanish Treasure, The Logyk Software, Trom Software 1986 English Solution
Spare Tire Antic Software 1988 English
Special Christmas Adventure, A Spectrum Adventure Exchange Club 1986 English Solution, Map
Special Delivery Run [2] 1988 English Solution
Spectre of Booballyhoo, The Infected Software 1987 English Solution
Spectre of Castle Coris, The FSF Adventures 1990 English Solution
Spectre of Larry Horsfield, The Fly on the Wall, The ? English Solution, Hints
Spell of Christmas Ice, A Star Dreams 1984 English Solution
Spellbound Mastertronic ? English Solution
Spellbreaker Infocom info 1985 English Solution, SLAG hints
Spellcaster ? ? English
Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers get all the Girls Legend Entertainment info 1990 English Solution
Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance Legend Entertainment info 1991 English Solution
Spellcasting 301: Spring Break Legend Entertainment info 1992 English Solution
Spelunker 1980 Dallas Atari Computer Enthusiasts 1980 English
Spelunker's Quest Tom Murrin 2009 English Solution
Sphaira Ubi Soft 1989 French
Sphere of Q'li Adventure Workshop, The 1996 English
Spheres of Chaos Chris Grant 1994 English
Sphinx Adventure Acornsoft 1982 English Solution, Hints
Spider Mountain Programmer's Guild, The 1979 English Solution, Map
Spider-Man Adventure International 1984 English Solution, Map, Hints
Spion III - Die Jagd nach der Bombe Markt & Technik, 64'er 1986 German
Spirit of the Demon Wolforce Soft 1991 Spanish
Spiritwrak Daniel Yu 1996 English Solution, Map
Spiro Legacy, The Adventure Workshop, The 1991 English Solution, Hints
Splashdown Paul J. Furio 2004 English Solution