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Games (7456 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Orc Island Bogussoft 1984 English Solution, Hints
Orc Slayer Gamma Software 1984 English Solution
Orc's Siege ? ? English
Order John Evans 2004 English
Orevore Courier Brian Rapp 2007 English
Orfeo en los Infiernos Javier Carrascosa 2004 Spanish
Orfeo y Euridice 3PSOFT 1991 Spanish
Oric Adventure Tevward Microtech ? English
Oriental Load 'n' Run info 1986 Italian
Orifice From Outer Space, The Plasma Touch Software ? English Solution, Hints
Orion Agenda, The Ryan Weisenberger 2004 English
Orion Quest, The Argus Press Software, Mind Games 1984 English
Orion-1 Kyro Games 1997 Spanish
Ork! House of Fortune ? ? English
Orphee - Voyage Aux Enfers Loriciels 1985 French
Orpington William J. Shlaer 1998 English
Orson Powell: Lycanthropus Viking info 1987 Italian Solution
Oskar und der Tod Uwe Pilz 1997 German
Oth. Gunther Schmidl 2002 English Solution, Map
Ouija Mago soft 1996 Spanish
Out For the Count Richard Forster ? English
Out of the Blue Indigo 1985 English
Out of the Limelight WoW Software info, Zenobi Software info 1992 English Solution
Out of the Study Anssi Räisänen 2002 English Solution, Map
Outsided Chad Elliott 1999 English Solution
Overdog Mega-Soft 1989 English Solution
Overheard! Grim Reaper, The info 1992 English
Overlord Elise C. Boucher (Zosia the Pious) info ? English Solution
Oxbridge Tynesoft 1986 English Solution, Hints
Oxphar ERE Informatique 1987 French
Oxygen Benjamin Sokal 2010 English Solution
P. Mason und der Schlitzerhans und die Busenkathi Sophie Frühling 2006 German
P.H.A.R.T. Creative Juices 1988 English Solution
På Loftet Sidder Nissen Thomas Bøvith info 2016 Danish
På Skattejagt i Amazonlandet Borgens Forlag 1985 Danish
På Väg Till Intervjun ? 1984 Swedish
Paciente 106, El ESP Soft 2007 Spanish
Packrat Bill Powell 2007 English Solution
Pacte, Le Loriciels 1986 French Solution
Pagoda Alphoid 1983 English
Paha Juttu Protocol Productions Oy 1988 Finnish
Paha Juttu II Protocol Productions Oy 1988 Finnish
Paha Juttu III Protocol Productions Oy 1988 Finnish
Pain, The Italysoft ? English Solution
Pains of a Window Cleaner, The Shulwater 1985 English
Pajarito y el Billete, El DRAGON Software 1991 Spanish
Pajaro de Fuego, El Seroco Soft ? Spanish
Pajaros de Bangkok, Los Dinamic Software 1988 Spanish Solution
Palace Adventure Free Spirit Software 1987 English Solution
Palace Hotel Carlos Garcia de Paredes Ucero 1989 Spanish