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Games (6865 results)

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Title Company Year Language Documents
Adventure! Creative Computing ? English
Adventureland Adventure International 1978 English Solution, Map
Adventureland Soft-Service 1991 Czech
Adventureland Adventure International, Starcraft info 1984 Japanese
Adventuremania Intrigue Software 1983 English
Adventurer's Museum, The Lee Chapel 1989 English Solution
Adventures Dream Kai Clausenhitzer 1985 German
Adventures in 4 Dimensions James L. Dean 1998 English
Adventures in NMR Douglas P. Burum ? English Solution
Adventures in NMR II Douglas P. Burum 1990 English Solution
Adventures in the Lost Valley Mega-Soft ? English Solution
Adventures of Alice who Went Through the Looking-Glass and Came Back Though Not Much Changed, The D. A. Asherman 1986 English Solution
Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf, The Gilsoft International 1984 English Solution
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The Adventure International 1984 English Solution, Map, Hints
Adventures of Elizabeth ("El") Highe, The Bill Larkins ? English Solution
Adventures of Johnny Zero, The Falsoft 1987 English
Adventures of Maddog Williams in the Dungeons of Duridian, The Game Crafters 1992 English Solution
Adventures of the President of the United States, The Mikko Vuorinen 2003 English
Adventures of Zebedee Gonig, The WoW Software info 1991 English Solution, Map, Hints
Adventures Through Time Vol. 1 - The Scavenger Hunt Aurum ? English
Adventureworld Knights 1983 German
Aegypten Lutz Reckr├╝hm, Uwe Becker 1987 German Solution, Map
Afeura Sebastian Armas info 2007 Spanish
Affaire Santa Fe, L' Infogrames 1988 French
Affaire Sydney, L' Infogrames 1986 French
Afflicted Doug Egan 2008 English Solution
Afghan Attack Southern Software 1985 English
Africa Kit Allen ? English Solution
Africa Phantomsoft ? German
Africa Gardens Gilsoft International 1984 English Solution, Map
African Adventure - In Search of Dr. Livingston SoftSide Publications info 1980 English Solution
African Escape Mogul Communications, Victory Software 1982 English Solution, Map
African Safari Interdisc 1984 English Solution, Hints
After 45 ? ? English Solution, Hints
After Shock Interceptor Micros info 1986 English Solution, Hints
After the Fire Channel 8 Software info, Digital Fantasia info ? English
After the Party Guild, The ? English Solution
Aftermath Rich Masek ? English Solution, Hints
Aftermath Spectrum Computing 1985 English Solution, Hints
Aftermath Graham Somerville 2000 English Solution
Aftermath James B. Proctor 1989 English
Aftermath of the Asimovian Disaster Ballantine Books 1983 English Fixed game
Afternoon Adventure Series - Raiders of the Reebok Completely Grounded Software ? English
Afternoon Adventure Series - Stories Completely Grounded Software ? English
Agatha's Folly Adventure Workshop, The, Zenobi Software info 1989 English Solution
Agency Ricardo Signes 2003 English
Agent Tronic Verlag 1989 German
Agent 000 Shenango Enterprises 1983 English
Agent 009 Jeff 'n Jeff 1984 English
Agent 99 Alkohol Soft 1988 Czech