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Games - C64/128 (1837 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Rooms of the Lost Jewel Science Fair 1990 English Solution, Map
Rose Murder, The Loadstar, SoftDisk 1992 English
Rote Modstein, Der ? 1993 German
Rouge Midget II Guild, The info 1994 English
Roundsby Incident, The Kayde Software info 1983 English
Roy Norton: Fuga nel tempo Explorer info 1987 Italian
Roy Norton: I Misteri di Villa Parson Explorer info 1986 Italian Solution
Roy Norton: Missione Mistero Explorer info 1987 Italian
Roy Norton: Terrore al Castello Viking info 1987 Italian
Rubint, A ? ? Hungarian
Ruby Rap Systems Editoriale 1987 Italian
RUN - Adventure Michael Nickles 1986 German
Runaway Argus Specialist Publications, Commodore Disk User 1989 English Solution
Ryan Milford Gruppo Editoriale Jackson info 1986 Italian
S.M.A.S.H.E.D. Alternative Software 1987 English Solution
S.P.Q.R. Gruppo Editoriale Jackson info 1986 Italian
Saga of Erik the Viking, The Level 9 Computing info, Mosaic Publishing info 1984 English Solution, Hints
Sagitarian L. J. Stretton, M. C. Stretton, P. A. Eves ? English Solution
Sagor der Eroberer Happy Software info, Markt & Technik 1985 German Solution, Map, Hints
Salvage Livewire Software 1985 English Solution
Salvage I Les Hutchens ? English
Salvage II Les Hutchens ? English
Salvage III - The Master Dynastar 1984 English Solution, Map
Sam Benedict Editions Fermont 1986 Italian
Sam Crowford: Vecchi Pirati Sipe Software 1986 Italian
Samuel in Danger T&T-Soft 1988 Finnish
Sarans Rueckkehr Michael Haertig 1991 German Solution, Map
Saturn 3 PK Software 1985 Dutch Solution, Map
Savage Island part 1 Adventure International 1982 English Solution, Hints
Savage Island part 2 Adventure International 1982 English Solution, Hints
Save the King COMPUTE! Publications 1984 English Solution, Map
Scapeghost Level 9 Computing info 1989 English Solution, Map
Scarabeo d'Oro 1, Lo: Il messagio Segreto Edisoft 1986 Italian
Scarabeo d'Oro 2, Lo: La Seggiola del Diavolo Edisoft 1986 Italian
Scarabeo d'Oro 3, Lo: Il Tesoro del Capitano Kidd Edisoft 1986 Italian
Sceptre, The Frans Kappel Øvre 1986 English
Schat van de Inca's, De Addison-Wesley Publishers info, Omikron 1985 Dutch Solution
Schat van Koning Mao, De PAKO Software 1985 Dutch Solution
Schatzinsel 64 S+S Soft Vertriebs 1984 German Solution, Map
Schatzjaeger Ariolasoft 1987 German Solution
Schatzsuche PDPD Software 1991 German
Schiffsreise Antsoft 1985 German Solution
Schloss Dracula Peter Weissenbacher 1988 German Solution
Schloss Real Adventure ? ? German
School's Out Virgin Books 1984 English Solution, Map
Schwert Skar, Das Markt & Technik, Power Games 1989 German Solution, Map
Scoop Sentient Software info 1985 English Solution
Scots, The PDPD Software 1991 German Map, Hints
Scribe, The Your 64 info 1985 English
Scroll of Akbar Khan Mountain Valley Software info 1984 English Solution