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Games - BASIC (1626 results)

Most of the 8-bit home computers were released with some dialect of BASIC included. As BASIC is a relatively simple language it made it easy to write text adventures in. This also made games easy to port from one computer to another, often leading to confusion over which machine the game was originally developed on.

BASIC here covers all dialects of BASIC.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Search for Princess Lavinia, The Robert Crowe 1984 English Solution
Search for Reaper Michael Pendry ? English Solution
Search for Sherlock Holmes, The Loadstar 1986 English Solution
Search For the Holy Grail, The Allan Grigsby ? English Solution
Search For The Ruby Chalice Falsoft, International Computing 1983 English
Secret Agent Gods of the Universe 1998 English
Secret Agent A&B Computing 1985 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Secret Agent Man Falsoft 1985 English
Secret Garden, The Jonathan Ormond 1986 English Solution, Hints
Secret Kingdom SharpSoft 1982 English
Secret Maze Jon Ripley info 1995 English Solution
Secret Mission Kew Enterprises 1983 English
Secret of Arendarvon Castle, The Addison-Wesley Publishers info, Omikron 1985 English Map
Secret of Bastow Manor, The Dotsoft, Gameworx/Softgold info, John Sands Sega info 1983 English Solution, Hints
Secret of Flagstone Manor, The Mountain Valley Software info 1981 English
Secret of Kublaih JMP Software 1983 English Solution
Secret Quest 2010 ? ? English Solution
Secret River Triffid Software Research 1984 English
Secret Sam 1 MRM 1983 English Hints
Secret Sam 2 MRM 1983 English Solution, Hints
Seek Micro Power 1982 English Solution
Segreto della Piramide di Cheope, Il Edisoft 1985 Italian Solution, Map
Selladore Tales - Black River Quest Sherston Software, Topologika info 1991 English Solution
Sewer Adventure John Botti info ? English
Sewers of Moscow Softcore Software 1982 English Solution
Sfida All'ignoto Marco Vallarino info 1995 Italian
Shakey City Guild, The info ? English Solution
Sherlock Holmes Weeske Computer-Elektronic 1985 German
Sherlock Holmes & the Case of the Elementary Rescue Page 6 info 1983 English Solution
Shinan's Road Paul Allen Panks info 2003 English
Shipwreck Phil Aldridge 1983 English
Shipwreck Model B Computing 1985 English Solution
Shipwrecked Popular Computing Weekly, Sunshine Publications 1985 English Solution, Map
Shiver Me Timbers Dana Clapp 1987 English Solution
Shrinking Professor's Quest, The A&F Software info, Computape, Orange Software, Quickbeam Software 1984 English Solution
Shuttle Voyage ComputerMat info 1983 English
Sigma Mission COMPUTE! Publications 1984 English
Sign of the Sphinx Werewolf Software 1984 English
Signet Mark Williams ? English
Silverton House Falsoft 1985 English
Simple Adventure Paul Allen Panks info 2006 English
Sir Randolf of the Moors Falsoft 1983 English
Sir Randolf Returns Falsoft 1985 English
Six Keys of Tarkus, The Virgin Books 1984 English Solution, Map
Six Micro Stories Adventure International 1979 English
Skabet JC Jumbo Data 1985 Danish
Ski Adventure PDPD Software 1990 German
Skid Row Adventure Microdeal, T&D Subscription Software 1984 English Solution, Map
Slave Cellars of Golgoloth, The ANALOG Computing info 1988 English Solution, Clue sheet
Slave II - Nimral's Grace ANALOG Computing info 1988 English Solution, Hints