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Games - BASIC (1626 results)

Most of the 8-bit home computers were released with some dialect of BASIC included. As BASIC is a relatively simple language it made it easy to write text adventures in. This also made games easy to port from one computer to another, often leading to confusion over which machine the game was originally developed on.

BASIC here covers all dialects of BASIC.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Return to Eden ? ? German
Return to Zarkon Argus Specialist Publications, Home Computing Weekly 1985 English
Revanche du K.G.B. , La ? 1985 French Solution, Map
Revenge of Balrog Virgin Books 1984 English Solution
Revenge of the Toothless Vampire Argus Specialist Publications, Games Computing 1985 English Solution, Map
Revenge of Zor Kansas City Systems 1983 English Solution
Riddle of Randomar, The Falsoft 1985 English
Ring of Doom Bergsala, Microworld info 1983 English
Ring of Inger, The Keith Burnard ? English Solution
Ring of Power Quicksilva 1983 English Solution, Map, Hints
Ring of Time, The Kansas City Systems 1983 English Solution
Ring Quest Falsoft 1985 English
Rings of Artek, The Amstrad User, The, Strategy Publications 1990 English Solution
Ritter der Müslirunde, Der PDPD Software 1990 German
Robert's Adventure Falsoft 1985 English
Robin Hood SoftSide Publications info 1982 English Solution, Map
Robin Hood Nottinghamshire County Council ? English
Rocky Island Brendan R. Jones info 1982 English Solution
Rollercoaster Creative Computing 1982 English Solution, Map
Rooms of the Lost Jewel Science Fair 1990 English Solution, Map
Rote Modstein, Der ? 1993 German
Route de Samarcande, La Jeux & Strategie 1986 French
Royal Quest, The Timeslip Software 1984 English Solution
Ruan Weeske Computer-Elektronic 1985 German
Rufal Watkiss Computers 1983 English
Ruina, La Radastan 2008 Spanish
RUN - Adventure Michael Nickles 1986 German
Rural Adventure James Lawrence 1994 English
S.O.S. Mangan Hexasoft Productions 1987 English Solution
Sabre of Sultar, The Honeysoft info 1983 English
Santa and the Goblins Intrigue Software 1983 English
Santa! The Adventure Outlet 1991 English
Saturn 3 PK Software 1985 Dutch Solution, Map
Save the Princess Load 'n' Run info 1986 Italian Solution, Map
Scavenge Falsoft 1985 English
Schat van de Inca's, De Addison-Wesley Publishers info, Omikron 1985 Dutch Solution
Schat van Koning Mao, De PAKO Software 1985 Dutch Solution
Schatzinsel 64 S+S Soft Vertriebs 1984 German Solution, Map
Schatzoeker NOS Hobbyscoop ? Dutch Solution, Map
Schiffsreise Antsoft 1985 German Solution
Schloss Atari (Germany) 1982 German
Schloss Dracula Peter Weissenbacher 1988 German Solution
Schloss in den Karpaten, Das Michael Silberberg 1985 German
School Adventure David B. Taylor info 2015 English
School of Death, The Argus Specialist Publications, Games Computing, Personal Software info 1984 English Solution, Map
School's Out Virgin Books 1984 English Solution, Map
Scots, The PDPD Software 1991 German Map, Hints
Scribe, The ? ? English
Scroll of Akbar Khan Mountain Valley Software info 1984 English Solution
SDi: Countdown to Doom Falsoft 1988 English