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Games - BASIC (1626 results)

Most of the 8-bit home computers were released with some dialect of BASIC included. As BASIC is a relatively simple language it made it easy to write text adventures in. This also made games easy to port from one computer to another, often leading to confusion over which machine the game was originally developed on.

BASIC here covers all dialects of BASIC.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Adventure of Hog Jowl Mansion, The 80-Northwest Publishing, 80-U.S. Journal 1982 English Solution, Map
Adventure on the Planet of Zeeble Binary Zone PD ? English Solution
Adventure Playtime CGH Services info 1987 English
Adventure-Mine Allt om Hemdatorer 1984 Swedish
Adventure, The Thorsten Brauer 2013 English
Adventureland Adventure International 1978 English Solution, Map
Adventuremania Intrigue Software 1983 English
Adventures Dream Kai Clausenhitzer 1985 German
Adventures of Johnny Zero, The Falsoft 1987 English
Adventureworld Knights 1983 German
Aegypten Lutz Reckrühm, Uwe Becker 1987 German Solution, Map
Africa Phantomsoft ? German
Africa Kit Allen ? English Solution
African Adventure SoftSide Publications info 1980 English Solution
African Escape Mogul Communications, Victory Software 1982 English Solution, Map
African Transference Falsoft 1985 English
Aftermath James B. Proctor 1989 English
Aftermath Spectrum Computing 1985 English Solution, Hints
Aftermath of the Asimovian Disaster Ballantine Books 1983 English Fixed game
Agent Tronic Verlag 1989 German
Agent 000 Shenango Enterprises 1983 English
AHHA! Another Haunted House Adventure! Falsoft 1983 English Solution, Map
Aids BTT-Adventure ? German
Akce KGB Alesoft 1990 Czech
Alaskan Adventure SoftSide Publications info 1982 English Solution, Map
Alcatraz Nils Eng ? Swedish
Alcatraz a Fuga Impossivel Heitor ? Portuguese Solution, Map
Alesian Plains Paul Allen Panks info 2004 English
Alexis Adventure CLOAD info 1983 English
Alhambra, La Pepsi Soft 1992 Spanish
Alien Load 'n' Run info 1988 Italian Solution, Map
Alien Adventure SoftSide Publications info 1981 English Solution, Map, Hints
Alien Adventure Warren Central High School 1981 English
Alien Adventure Stephen Hartley Software 1984 English Solution
Alien City, The Big K 1984 English Solution
Alien Egg Atari Program Exchange 1981 English
Alien Search Alba Software 1983 English
Alla Ricerca del Budda di Bodhnath Commodore Club, Systems Editoriale 1986 Italian Solution, Map
Alla Ricerca Del Tesoro Maledetto ? ? Italian
Almazar I 1001001, 80 Micro info 1983 English
Alte Rom, Das Thomas Wieland 1984 German
Amazing Adventure ? ? English Solution
Amazing Cave Adventure or How come the IF community hates mazes so much? David B. Taylor info 2013 English
Ameriganos ein Adventure Teil II PDPD Software 1992 German
Amerika's Agent KHP Soft 1984 German Solution, Map
Amytiville Jean François Campan ? French
Anaborea Michael Siedentopf ? German Solution, Map
Anchion 2 ABC-klubben 1984 Swedish
Andromeda 3 Argus Specialist Publications, ZX Computing 1984 English Solution
Andromeda Trophy Finsbury Software 1984 English