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Games (7868 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Banshee Castle Ramiak 1983 English Solution, Map
Bar Trek Richard Brooksby info ? English
Barahir LK Avalon 1993 Polish
Baratin blues Froggy Software 1986 French
Barber of Sadville, The Tim Browse 2007 English Solution
Bardic Rites, The Adventure Workshop, The info, Zenobi Software info 1994 English Solution
Bares José Baltasar García Perez-Schofield info 2016 Spanish
Barf the Barbarian 8th Day Software ? English
Barney Brown and the Chicago Connection Atlas Adventure Software info ? English Solution, Hints
Baron, De Victor Gijsbers 2006 Dutch
Baron, The Victor Gijsbers 2006 English
Barsoom Adventure #1: The Lost City Susan Schnitger 1989 English Solution
Barton Ricardo Dague 2001 English Solution, Map
Base, The Guild, The info, Recreation Re-Creation Software 1988 English Solution
Baseball Adventure Samuel Chiang ? English Solution
Basements and Beasties Barry Traver, Frank DeCosta 1982 English Solution, Map
Basic Train-ing bpsp 2010 English Solution, Map
Basket of Destiny John Cater 2001 English Solution, Map
Basque Terrorists Loose in Dartford Infected Software 1987 English Solution
Batalla Antonio Márquez Marín info 2000 Spanish
Batch Adventures Arthur DiBianca ? English Solution
Batman - The Adventure Ocean Software 1986 English
Bátor Lovag, A Tihor Miklos 1985 Hungarian
Battle of Nod Degamra Tim Gibson ? English
Battle of Philip against the Forces of Creation Anne Ungar, Peter Arnold 1989 English
Battle of the Planets Gunther Schmidl 2001 English Solution, Map
Battleforce ? 1994 English
Battlestar David W. Riggle 1979 English
Battune Becomes an Actor Merle K. Goodman info 1989 English Solution
Battune Crimefighter Merle K. Goodman info 1989 English
Battune Goes on Safari Merle K. Goodman info 1989 English Solution
Battune in Wonderland Merle K. Goodman info 1989 English Solution
Battune Meets Sleeping Beauty Merle K. Goodman info 1989 English Solution
Battune the Sailor Merle K. Goodman info 1989 English Solution
Baukis Dreischütz 2014 German
Bazul's Quest Swallow Software 1983 English
Beachcomber Antic Publishing info 1989 English
Beacon Adventure Sinclair User 1984 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Beagle 2 Larry Horsfield info 2015 English
Beam Madrone Eddy 2006 English Hints
Bear's Night Out, A David Dyte 1997 English Solution
Bears, Bears, Bears Admiral Jota 2001 English Solution, Map
Beast Enders Piranha ? English
Beast of Torrack Moor, The Marlin Games info 1988 English Solution, Map, Puzzle chart
Beastie Adventure, The Danny Nicholas 1989 English Solution
Beat the Devil Robert M. Camisa 1999 English Solution
Beatle Quest Number 9 Software info 1985 English Solution
Beautiful Dreamer Spectrum Adventure Exchange Club 1986 English Solution
Because of a Cat Guild, The info 1993 English Solution
Bedlam Radio Shack info 1982 English Solution, Map