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Games - W - Fantasy, misc. (47 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Wunderland CA-Verlags, Commodore Disc 1991 German
Wrath of Magra, The Carnell Software 1984 English Hints
World of Witchcraft Josep Coletas Caubet 2006 Spanish
Woodland Terror MP Software 1984 English Solution, Map
Wizards Skull, The Compass Software info 1992 English Solution
Wizard's Warrior Crusader Computing 1987 English Solution
Wizard's Sword, The SoftSide Publications info 1983 English Solution, Map
Wizard's Spell Tynesoft 1986 English Map
Wizard's Citadel, The Triffid Software Research 1984 English
Wizard's Castle, The Edward McArdle 1994 English
Wizard's Castle ? 1981 English
Wizard, The Sinclair User 1984 English
Wizard of Akyrz, The Channel 8 Software info, Digital Fantasia info, Molimerx info 1983 English Solution, Map, Hints
Wizard Castle Paul Allen Panks info 2004 English
Wizard and the Princess, The IBM, Sierra On-Line info 1980 English Solution, Hints
Wizard and the Princess, The Sierra On-Line info 1985 Japanese
Wizard Adventure Robert Crowe 1984 English Solution
Wiz Lair, la guarida del hechicero Xavi Carrascosa info 2006 Spanish
Wiz Lair Atlantic Soft 1989 Spanish
Witches' Brew SoftSide Publications info 1982 English Solution, Map
Witchcraft Edicion Oro Josep Coletas Caubet 2007 Spanish
Witchcraft Demon 1990 English
Witchcraft Josep Coletas Caubet 2006 Spanish
Witch Hunter, The Wizard Software 1986 English Solution
Witch Hunt Supersoft info 1985 English Solution
Winter Wonderland Laura A. Knauth 1999 English Solution
Windsloe Mansion SoftSide Publications info 1982 English Solution
Who's Afraid of the Balrog? Amstrad Action, Future Publishing 1993 English Solution, Map
White Barrows, The ASP Software 1983 English
When Help Collides J. D. Berry 2002 English
Westfront VIC-20 Paul Allen Panks info 2003 English
Westfront to Apse II Paul Allen Panks info 2002 English
Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder Paul Allen Panks info 1993 English
Westfront II: Eight Trials of a Warrior Paul Allen Panks info 1997 English
Westfront 64 Paul Allen Panks info 2002 English
Werewolves and Wanderer Ballantine Books 1983 English
Weirdstone, The Phillip L. Ramsay info 1988 English Solution, Map
Weg Nach Bree, Der ? 1986 German Solution, Map
Weaver of Her Dreams, The 8th Day Software 1988 English Solution, Hints
Wearing the Claw Paul O'Brian 1996 English Solution
Waydor IMS Software 1983 English Solution
Waydor VTR Software 1984 French
Warrior's Way, The F & F Software 1986 English
Warlord Argus Specialist Publications, Games Computing 1984 English Solution, Map
Warlock's Way, The F & F Software 1986 English
Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The Ken Rose ? English Solution
War-Lord Jon Scott ? English Solution, Hints