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Games - H - Horror (47 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
House on the other side of the storm, The Pablo Martínez Merino info 2019 English Solution, Map
Headless, Hapless Geoff Moore 2013 English Solution, Map
Haunted House Rockersuke Moroboshi 2011 English Solution, Map
Hijo del Crepusculo, El Josep Coletas Caubet 2009 Spanish Map
Höhle, Die Eway 10 Software 2005 German Solution
Hallowe'en Duncan Cross 2000 English Solution, Map
House of the Damned Sam McCall 2000 English
Hoy es Helloween Luis Felipe Morales Bendicho 2000 Spanish
HeBGB Horror!, The Eric Mayer 1999 English Solution, Map
Hand that Rocks the Pumpkin, The Christopher Huang 1998 English Solution, Map
Haunted House Jonathan Cutts 1998 English Solution
House of the Stalker, The Jason Clayton White 1996 English
House, The Zenobi Software info 1994 English Solution
Horror of Rylvania, the Dave A. Leary info 1993 English
Hideous, The Year Zero Software 1992 Spanish
Haunting, The Elven Adventurers 1991 English Solution
Hotel Hell Mario Moeller 1991 English Solution
Hounds of Hell Adventure Workshop, The info, WoW Software info 1991 English Solution, Hints
House II Act Software 1991 Spanish
Heresville Wazertown Works 1990 Spanish
Hugo's House of Horrors Gray Design Associates 1990 English Solution
Hermitage, The Guild, The info, Pegasus Software info 1989 English Solution
Hound of Shadow, The Eldritch Games 1989 English Solution
Hacedor de Suenos, El Afar, El 1988 Spanish Solution
Horror Hotel Personal Computer Magazine info 1988 Dutch Solution, Map
Haunted House, The Loadstar, Softalk Production 1986 English Solution
Haunted Manor Alistair Duncan 1985 English Solution
Hechizo Hobby Press, MicroHobby 1985 Spanish
Horror Hotel Radarsoft 1985 Dutch Solution, Map
Holy Horrors Romik Software 1984 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
House on Damned Hill, The Century City Software 1984 English
House, The Celyn Jones Software 1984 English
Haunted Forest ? 1983 English Map
Haunted House Aardvark info 1983 English
House of Death Tansoft info 1983 English Solution, Fixed game
House of Demons Brendan R. Jones info 1983 English
House of Horror Adventure T. Jevon 1983 English
Hummer House of Horror Lasersound 1983 English Solution, Map
Haunted House American Software Design & Distribution 1982 English
Haunted House ? 1982 English
Haunted House Computer and Video Games 1982 English Solution, Map
House Acornsoft info 1981 English
Haunted House Radio Shack info 1979 English Solution, Map
Haunted House Creative Computing Software 1978 English
Horror em Amityville Matias MSX Software ? Portuguese Solution
Horrorday Talent Computer Systems ? English
House of the Dead ? ? English