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Games - English - T (349 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Time Travelers Falsoft 1987 English
Time Traveller Audiogenic Software, Radarsoft 1984 English Solution, Map
Time Traveller Barrie M. Eaton info, Mark C. Eaton 1988 English Solution
Time Traveller Krell Software 1980 English
Time Traveller Conrad Knopf info 1989 English Solution
Time Traveller 2 Barrie M. Eaton info 1996 English Solution
Time Traveller 3 Barrie M. Eaton info 1996 English Solution
Time Tripper Falsoft 1985 English
Time Tunnel US Gold 1985 English Solution
Time Wagon Elsoft ? English Solution
Time Warden Bug-Byte Software ? English Solution, Map
Time Warp Cabsoft 1983 English
Time Warp ? ? English
Time Watch Matthew Wilson, Robin Garrish 1986 English
Time Zone Sierra On-Line info 1982 English Solution
Time-Line Gilsoft International 1983 English Solution, Map
Time's A Wasting ADAMagic Software 1985 English
Timeless Empire, The RĂ¼diger Hanke 1994 English
Timeout Stephen Hilderbrand 2001 English Solution
Timequest Legend Entertainment info 1991 English
TimeQuest Programmer's Guild, The 1980 English
Timewise HoopSnake Design 1986 English Solution, Map
Tinderbox, The Gremlin Graphics Software info 1985 English Solution, Hints
Tiny Text Adventure Julian Churchill 2013 English
Titanic: Leo's Revenge Volker Lanz 1999 English Solution, Map
Tizpan, Lord of the Jungle Adventure Workshop, The info 1990 English Solution
TKKG - The Empty Grave in the Moor Europa Computer Club 1985 English Solution, Map
To a Party ? 1984 English
To Catch a Rainbow Adventure Probe Software info 2000 English Solution
To Get To The Other Side Bob Reeves 1999 English Solution, Map
To Hell in a Hamper Jason Guest 2002 English Solution
To Otherwhere and Back Greg Ewing 2001 English
To Preserve Quandic Prickly-Pear Software 1984 English Map, Hints
To the Manor Bourne Central Solutions info 1984 English Solution
Toby's Rescue Softlands 1985 English Solution, Map
Toddler Trouble Zenobi Software info 1996 English Solution
Toeing the Line Gregory Weir 2004 English Solution, Map
Toil and Trouble Pat Winstanley ? English
Token of Ghall Interceptor Micros info 1983 English Solution
Tomb International Computing 1984 English
Tomb of Death Holl-soft ? English Solution
Tomb of Death, The Grim Reaper, The info 1993 English
Tomb of the Ancient Pharaohs, The Anne T. Brenner 1992 English
Tomb of the Golden Lion Andrew Martin, James Whitfield ? English
Tomb of the Gray Elf John Stephens ? English
Tombs of Arkenstone, The Arnold Wheaton Software info 1984 English
Tombs of Xeiops Romik Software 1983 English Solution
Tookie's Song Jessica Knoch 2002 English Solution
Toonesia Jacob Weinstein 1995 English Solution
Toot 'n' Come In Epsilon Software 1987 English