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Games - English - M (385 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
M25! Jon Ripley info ? English Solution
Macabre Laboratory ? 1990 English
Macbeth: The Computer Adventure Avalon Hill info, Creative Sparks info 1984 English Solution, Hints
MacPhee's Fortune Grim Reaper, The info 1993 English
MacSporran's Lament CGH Services info 1989 English
Mad Bomber Reston Publishing 1984 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Mad Island J. Rye 1983 English Solution
Mad Jock's Family Reunion Dented Designs 1988 English
Mad Martha Mikro-Gen 1983 English Solution
Mad Martha II Mikro-Gen 1983 English Solution
Mad Painter, The Jack and Jill Software 1986 English Solution
Mad Party Fucker ? 1985 English
Mad Scientist SoftSide Publications info 1980 English Solution, Map
Mad Venture Micro Lab 1981 English
Madam Fifi's Whore House ? 1980 English Solution, Map
Madam Rosa meets E-Z Softcore Software 1982 English
Madam Rosa's Massage Parlor Softcore Software 1982 English Solution
Madam Spider's Web Sara Dee 2006 English Solution
Madame L'Estrange and the Troubled Spirit Ian R. Ball, Marcus Young 1997 English
Madcap Manor Gilsoft International 1985 English Solution
Maddingly Hall Minerva 1989 English
Madhouse SoftSide Publications info 1983 English Solution, Map
Madhouse ? ? English
Madman Ove Friman 1983 English Solution
Madness and the Minotaur Computape, Dragon Data info, Spectral Associates 1981 English
Maegeca Elise C. Boucher (Zosia the Pious) info 1989 English
Mafia Contract Atlantis Software 1984 English Solution, Map
Mafia Contract II: The Sequel Atlantis Software 1986 English Solution, Map
Magazine Hunt ANALOG Computing info 1988 English Solution, Map
Magic Geoff Fortytwo 2008 English Solution
Magic Adventure 1 Kansas City Systems 1983 English Solution
Magic Castle Gilsoft International 1983 English Solution, Map
Magic Castle ? ? English Solution
Magic Circle, The ? ? English Solution, Map, Hints
Magic Isle, The Zenobi Software info 1990 English Solution
Magic Land Philipp Köhn 1985 English Solution
Magic Mirror Terminal Software 1983 English
Magic Mountain Phipps Associates 1983 English Solution, Map
Magic Potion, The John R. Olsen info 1991 English
Magic Ring of Targon Honeysoft info 1985 English
Magic Stone Audiogenic Software 1984 English Solution, Map
Magic Sword, The Database Publications 1984 English Solution
Magic Telephone, The MAPE info 1986 English Solution
Magic Toyshop, The Gareth Rees 1995 English Solution
Magic Treasure Adventure Tartan Software info 1984 English Solution
Magic Treasure Island ? ? English
Magical Mystery Tour Adventure Probe Software info ? English Solution
Magical Mystery Tour ? ? English
Magicans Maze ? ? English
Magician's Apprentice, A Guild, The info, WoW Software info 1990 English Solution