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Games - English - F (244 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Fyleet Jonathan R. Partington info 1985 English Solution, SLAG hints
Futz Mutz Tim Simmons 2000 English Solution
Futuria Unicorn Software 1985 English
Futurezoo Clwyd Adventure Software 1986 English Solution
FutureGame Jon Ingold 2005 English
Future Tense Mystic Software 1987 English Solution, Map
Future Boy! General Coffee Company Film Productions, The 2004 English
Fusillade Mike Duncan 2001 English Solution
Fuseman Bill Clews, Marion Clews 1985 English Solution, Hints
Fusebox Antic Publishing info 1989 English
Further Will Hines 2013 English
Funny Money ADAMagic Software 1985 English
Funhouse, The Pete Gardner 1991 English
Funhouse Pacific Software 1984 English Solution
Fun House American Software Design & Distribution 1982 English
Fun Fair Adventure Simon Fawkes 1983 English Solution, Map
Fun City ? ? English
Fun and Games Ian Finley 2000 English Solution
Fugitive's Quest Robico Software 1989 English
Fugitive, The Di-Ren 1989 English
Fuddo and Slam Zenobi Software info 1988 English Solution, Map, Hints
Fuckerman 00 Software 1985 English
Frustration Jim MacBrayne info 1992 English Solution
Frozen Jeremy Farnham 1996 English Solution
Frontier of Warriors: Mayday Call, The Zeropolis Element 2007 English
Frontier Adventure Honeysoft info 1983 English
From the West Pension Productions info 2019 English
From the Tower of Valagon CGH Services info 1988 English Solution
From Out of the Snow Pension Productions info 2019 English Solution
From out of a Dark Night Sky Zenobi Software info 1989 English Solution
From Darkness into Light CRL Group ? English
Frogg Adventure Automata UK info 1996 English Solution, Map
Frog Face Positive Image 1984 English
Frobozz Magic Support Nate Cull 1996 English Solution
Frightened Fantasy Dented Designs 1987 English
Friday Afternoon Mischa Schweitzer 1997 English
Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang, The Neil deMause 1997 English Solution
French on the Run Silversoft 1985 English
Freedom Anonymous 2008 English Solution
Frederik Pohl's Gateway Legend Entertainment info 1992 English
Freak Accident Leaves Seattle Pantsless, A Christopher Huang 2000 English Solution, Map
Freak Accident Leaves Seattle Pantsless III, A: Endgame Admiral Jota 2000 English Solution, Map
Franz Falckenhaus Trident Crisis Danny Wolfers 2013 English
Franklin's Tomb Einsoft, Salamander Software 1983 English Solution
Franklin in Wonderland Salamander Software 1984 English Solution
Frankie Crashed on Jupiter Kingsoft 1985 English Solution
Frankenstein Adventure John R. Olsen info 1981 English Solution
Frankenstein CRL Group 1987 English Solution, Map, Hints
Framed New Dimension, The 2002 English
Fraktured Faebles Phoenix Software info 1985 English Solution