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Paul's First Journey

? 1992

Paul's Journey
Amiga, PC
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Alex, dave, iamaran


Paul's first missionary journey is described in the Bible in the book of Acts, chapters 13 and 14. Though it is not necessary a quick reading of these chapters will give you an overview of your objective and perhaps some hints for the game play.

There are ten cities and over 160 locations in this adventure. The design of the cities in this game incorporated many of the latest findings in archaeology to make the game play quite authentic. The result is that in many cases you will be exploring the same streets and countryside that Paul would have done himself. You will also be using the same currency that Paul would have used.

Your objective is to travel around the Mediterranean sea area and preach the gospel in the various cities just as Paul did. Paul would usually go to the synagogues and preach. It would not hurt if you preached to the various people you met on the way. You have many enemies however. You must beware of the Pharisees - those experts in Jewish laws and customs who often oppose your message with great zeal. By the way... your character, Paul, was once a Pharisee.

You must also be careful not to start riots. These can be hazardous to your health but sometimes they cannot be avoided. You should also beware of things like evil sorcerers, heathen temples and such things. Also remember that you are a representative of God himself so act accordingly. It may help you complete your mission or even save your life.

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