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Eye of Zolton, The

Softek Software International 1983

David Featley, Mark Cook
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dave, iamaran


In a land far away over the mountains there was a magical land ruled over by a kind and fair king. He had a collection of many objects with magical powers which helped him preserve peace and prosperity.

One day a mysterious stranger who had travelled from the North arrived at the palace, claiming he had an urgent message for the king.

Once inside however, he stole the magic objects which he then used to bring the kingdom under his control.

He then declared himself to be the BLACK WIZARD ruler of all and cast a spell over the land enslaving the people.

Your task is to recover the sacred objects and return them to the Temple Of Zolton, for it is only when they are gathered togther in this magic place that they will be powerful enough to defeat the Black Wizard.

Anything else of value you find you may keep, as a reward for completing your task.

The magic objects you must find are:

  • The king's shield: This protects the owner from danger.
  • The king's crown: This gives the ruler of the land the wisdom to guide his decisions.
  • Excalibur: This defeats any evil that befalls the land.
  • The heavenly harp: This spreads joy and happiness throughout the land.
  • The orb of power: This allows the owner to control the power of all the magic objects.

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