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Sticky Fingers

Eclipse Software 1984

Jeff Tullin
BBC/Electron info
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dave, iamaran


In the history of confectioners, few companies have risen to prominence in quite the same way as one - Amalgamated Confection Enterprises (known as ACE). Their meteoric, some would say magical growth in popularity was engineered by one man who lived as a recluse for most of his life. His inventions were stunning in their originality and taste, and were enjoyed all over the land.

One day, however, he was completely taken unawares by his own death, and went on to that great chocolate vat in the sky long before he had given any thought to arranging a successor to his business. Pandemonium broke out amongst his rivals who rushed to be the first to make a bid to the executors of his estate for the factory he owned.

Companies jostled and fought for the rights to all of the most famous sweets and eventually the lot fell to a company from Yorkshire who preferred to remain anonymous. This made the others furious!

Just before he died, rumour had it that the previous owner had developed a new type of toffee that would revolutionise the whole industry-… SUPER TOFFEE! and that somewhere within the factory he had hidden the formula- (trusting no-one). You have been hired by a high powered consortium of rival confectioners to infiltrate the factory and return with the recipe for that self same toffee.

The adventure ends when you escape from the factory with the recipe (or one of a number of other fates which await the unwary spy).

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