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Grimwold's Big Adventure

Adventure Workshop, The info, WoW Software info 1995

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Amstrad CPC info, Spectrum
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The year was 2002, one year after a large monolith had been found on Earth's moon. It was also that year that a professor Fred Smith finally perfected his time machine. Prior to lodging an application for patent, Prof Smith decided to test out his machine.

He stepped into his machine, which, due to his fascination for early television programmes, was shaped uncannily like a Police Box. Pressing a few buttons, he waited. True to his expectations, the device shuddered and shook, rattled and rolled, almost separating the Professor from his fillings.

Finally the movement stopped and he opened the door and stepped out....

...into darkness.

Cursing some of the new and entertaining swear words of the twenty-first century, he fumbled around in his pocket until he came across his lighter.

Deftly he flicked the lid and spun the wheel of the aged Zippo and waved the bright flame around to illuminate his surroundings.

'Hmmm...,' he thought, 'tunnels. Long, dark, low tunnels.'

Holding his lighter aloft, Professor Smith started to amble along a side passageway to explore.

A short while later, after the glow had flickered out of view there came a solid 'Thunk' from the Police Box, quickly followed by a stream of muffled cursing.

A dwarf had been trudging along the tunnels of his home mine when his helm covered head came into sharp contact with a large piece of machinery that had no right to be in his way.

Grimwold, for that was the Dwarf's name, snuffled through his beard as he explored this strange thing.

He entered it, and jumped in shock as the door 'swooshed' safely shut behind him. Turning around to escape from his confinement, Grimwold's axe connected with a large red button...

And so it comes that a Dwarf, name of Grimwold, who rightfully belongs in mythical times, arrives in a scientific laboratory at the beginning of a high-tech century.

The gods, who had watched Grimwold's journey through time from above, have taken pity on the short, pitiful creature that now lies slumped in the time machine.

They decided that he should be given a director, a guide, someone to tell him what to do in this strange new world.

That someone is You!

The gods call down to the slumped form of Grimwold as he lies in the strange device. His head jerks up and his eyes widen as he realises he is being addressed by the Mighty Ones.

Humbled, he listens as they explain to him that they are sending someone to guide him through this strange land he now finds himself in.

They will tell him what to do and he must obey their every command. Only by doing so, can Grimwold hope to return to his homeland. To his beloved mine.

Grimwold promises to obey what he is told, to do what asked without question and stands up.

Be kind to Grimwold, adventurer, guide him well and forgive him any stupidities.

He is, after all, not used to the surroundings he finds himself in.

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by terri
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