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Apprentice, The

Zenobi Software info 1993

Jeremy Piper
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For the last decade or so, you had been quite content to dust off the various bottle of potions, jars of pickled frogs-legs and casks full of bats-blood because you knew it was all in a good cause and that one day your 'apprenticeship' would be at an end and you too would become a wizard of the first order.

However all that changed on the day that your master did his trick with the 'dragon-scales' and the 'korat-talons'. He should never have tried combining them in the first place and to set light to the mixture was surely the act of somebody who had long since passed his date of retirement. The resultant explosion was a sight to be seen! Sadly the 'passing' of your master now meant that you had to present yourself before the 'Wizards Tribunal' and wait patiently whilst they decided the fate of your apprenticeship.

The tribunal was headed by old Chazzamazz, who was renowned for his dislike of apprentices in general and your old master in particular. Either way, things did not bode well for YOU!

As you stood there, idly flicking the heel of your left boot with the toe of your right boot, you could not help but wonder as just what awaited you and whether or not you would be allowed to continue your training and to attain the rank of Wizard.

Just then Chazzamazz rose unsteadily to his feet and gazed slowly in your direction, 'We have decided that you should be offered TWO options... either quit your present position and thereby terminate your 'apprenticeship' OR else you can continue your own training and take the 'final-test'... what will it be?"

Instantly you knew what route to follow and your cry of "The test!" could be heard to resound throughout the great hall of wizardry.

Chazzamazz's reply was almost instantaneous, "You will be placed in the 'TOWER OF ALAMA' and if you manage to escape from there and return to this tribunal then you will be judged to have passed the 'test'."

You swallowed hard and long... this was a harsh decision and one that even you would struggle to comply with, but the dice had been cast and the choice made... good luck!

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by Geoff
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