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Behold Atlantis

Zenobi Software info 1990

Laurence Creighton info
Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
C64/128 info, Spectrum
Myths and legends
Entered by:
Alex, Strident, Sudders



For over eighteen months now you had scrimped and saved to gather together sufficient funds to enable you to make this journey and now that the great day was here you could hardly contain your excitement. It had been a dream of yours, for as long as you could remember, to journey to the ancient islands surrounding Greece and to wander their hills enjoying the view. There was just "something" about those islands and the many tales and myths that surrounded them that drew you and none more so than the tale of ATLANTIS ... lost kingdom of the seas!

As a child you had imagined what it would have been like to wander amongst the marble columns and stone pillars that graced the city of ATLANTIS and gaze in awe at the superb statues and ornate carvings ... but that was only a dream and today's journey was the reality.

After many hours of travel you finally arrive at your destination and despite the fact that the hotel looks nothing like the picture in the travel brochure and that nobody seems to speak English, you feel sure that it is going to be worth every penny it cost you.

With a hearty meal inside you, you retire to your room and are pleasantly pleased to see that it offers a very fine view of the surrounding area ... especially the sea. Lying on the bed you gaze up at the ceiling and soon drop off into a fitful slumber ... your head filling with images of "lost cities", "great wealth" and "marble columns'.

In the morning you awake, though not as refreshed as you would have liked and after a light breakfast of soft bread and fruit, set off on your first day of exploration ...


The author dated this game December 1989 although it would not have been released until 1990 at the earliest.

The origin of the C64 version is currently unknown; it is presumed to be an unofficial port.

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