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Star Crystal

Edward Beck 1986

Edward Beck
Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
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Gunness, Sudders



Centuries ago, an elven lord saw a shining object fall from the sky. On investigation, he found a pulsating crystal about the size of his hand. Believing it to be a star, his people said it was a gift from the gods.

The crystal was held in high esteem and given to the elven king who ordered that it be mounted above his head on the great throne in the hall of judgement. The crystal became known as the Star Crystal and the elven people believed it gave the king power to judge wisely and fairly on any issue.

Over the centuries, the crystal became the symbol of authority among the elven race, and rule without the crystal would not be accepted.

On the orders of the Dark One in his bid for world domination, Algrim, an evil warlock stole the crystal. As a result anarchy is rife in the elven kingdom and the elves fight among themselves. Without a unit force, they will not be able to repel the goblin hordes of the Dark One.

It is vital that the Star Crystal is found and returned to its rightful position on the great throne.

It is no secret on which island the Dark One has his domain and no doubt the crystal will be nearby.

Well equipped you set sail for the island. As you near a sandy beach your boat is caught by a freak wave and capsized. Your provisions and weapons are lost in the sea. Fortunately, you reach the beach safely and recover your overturned boat. The boat is not damaged and you position it ready for sailing. You must now ask yourself, have you the strength and will power to continue with your quest to find the Star Crystal or will you set sail for home?

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