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Ice Princess, The

Falsoft 1985

David Taylor
BASIC info
TRS-80 CoCo
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Gunness, iamaran



The North Pole is the home of the beautiful Ice Princess, whose beauty is legend among the few persons who have
explored the area. Just one glimpse into the eyes of the Ice Princess is all that is needed to instill her image in a man's heart and dreams forever.

You've never been to the North Pole, never even imagined yourself going. Until one evening, her vision appears to you in a dream. You are hypnotized by this stunning beauty and are fascinated with the possibility of taking her for you wife. You, who many years ago, vowed to remain a bachelor. She is so beautiful that, in your dream, you propose to her. And she agrees, to your surprise.

You return home, in your dream, to prepare for the wedding. Your folks are happy that you finally have found a lifetime companion.
That evening, however, you are almost reunited in dreamland. You see her in a mist walking slowly toward you. Just as you are about to reach out for her, the Ice Princess is captured by an evil sorcerer. "This is not a dream," she cries, as she is carried away to the sorcerer's castle. "You must save me! We must be together again!"

Your eyes open suddenly, searching the darkness of the bedroom for any evidence of the experience. You find nothing, but you prepare yourself for the inevitable: You 've got to save the Ice Princess!


Published as a type-in game in The Second Rainbow Book of Adventures.

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