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Yellow Submarine

Falsoft 1985

Mark Fetherston
BASIC info
TRS-80 CoCo
Based on music info, Type-in info
Entered by:
Gunness, iamaran


Pepperland, which lies past the Sea of Time and the monstrous sea (the Sea of Monsters), is the blue belly of the universe. Happiness and peace reign there; sadness and anger do not exist.

Four score and 13 years ago, the forefathers (a quartet) and the foremothers (another quartet) made their way to this wonderful land in a small yellow submarine. They passed a decree that the word "yes" was to be used instead of "no" at all times. Twenty years ago a young man named Sergeant Pepper taught a band to play. They've been going in and out of style but they guarantee to raise a smile. Because of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band, music has become a dominant force in the laws and government of Pepperland.

Surrounding Pepperland are the huge Blue Mountains. Past the mountains live the dreaded Blue Meanies, the only source of fear in Pepperland. These furry blue creatures hate music, all kinds; they shriek at the very suggestion of melody. They thrive on pessimism. Under the command of the Blue Meanies are terrible creatures. The Bonkers' mission is to bob green apples onto the Pepperites' heads, freezing their victims and turning them into an ugly shade of blue. The Clowns shoot missiles which home in on any object considered good. The dreaded Flying Glove destroys its victims by pounding them into the ocean bottom. The Blue Meanies themselves fire blue arrows. They also have at their disposal a music missile, which encloses the source of melody. They are led by the meanest meanie of all, His Blueness, who is assisted by Mad Max.

You are Fred, a resident of Pepperland. To the younger generation, you are known as Old Fred. To those older than you, you are Young Fred. Your leader is the Lord Mayor, an ancient young man, the last of the forepersons. One day as the Pepperites are listening to Sergeant Pepper's band, a herd of Bonkers and a battalion of Blue Meanies launch an attack on Pepperland.

A music missile traps the band. Before you realize it, everyone around you turns blue. You are the only one unbobbed. You must find help and free the band from the blues.


Published as a type-in game in The Second Rainbow Book of Adventures.

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