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Lost Treasure of the Aztec

Mind Games Software 1983

Bob Ulrich
Treasure hunt
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In 1521 Herando Cortez was marching toward the Aztec Capital of Tenochtitlan with an invading army of many thousand men. The city was decorated with intricately carved golden artifacts. To prevent them from being taken by the invaders, Montezuma, the Aztec King decided to have them removed from the city and hidden.

He sent his most trusted couriers into the countryside to find a suitable hiding place. When a place was found , all the treasures were removed. Montezuma had a map to the treasure carved in stone and hidden in the city. After fierce fighting the Spaniards were able to capture Tenochtitlan, but the treasure they expected to find was not there. Cortez sent parties of men to find the treasure. Some of them came back to report their failure, others never returned.

After months of searching and losing many good men, Cortez withdrew from the land of the Aztec leaving the treasure undiscovered and most of the Aztec people dead or slaves to his army. Some say the treasure still lies buried in the mountains or canyons of what was once the greatest Empire on Earth.

You will begin this adventure on a deserted strip of ocean beach. The ship that was to have brought you to the ancient land of the Aztec capsized in a storm. The only provisions you were able to save is a book of matches you had in your pocket when the storm hit.
Using whatever you find on the way you must find the map that will lead you to the treasure. Many adventurers have gone before you but none have ever found the treasure, some have never returned. Good luck and be wary of the false trail.

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