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Lutins du Mont Rigaud, Les

Rainbow, The info 1986

Louis Parson
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TRS-80 CoCo
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Alastair, DannieGeeko, Gunness, iamaran



Every morning and evening, I travel across Rigaud Mountain to reach the school where I work. One day, I was intrigued by small tracks left in the snow; tracks that bore no resemblance to the ones already familiar to me and whose sight usually delighted me: deer being pursued by coyotes, hares looking for food and partridges walking to their hide-outs. I was curious as to what sort of creature could make tracks like that, but I soon forgot about them.

One rainy day last summer, I noticed the same peculiar tracks glistening on a big rock by the side of the road. My curiosity was piqued. The following weekend, I decided to make an expedition to examine those strange tracks that sometimes looked like very small human footprints.

What I couldn't have known was where this expedition would lead me — right into a fairy world! This world is now for you to discover. Can you get to the wonderful, tiny human being I discovered with luck and magic? The only thing I can tell you is that his domain is well-protected against intruders. Good luck! You're going to need it.


Le Lutin (The Elf) is a beginners graphics adventure. It doesn't have a save feature, but it offers an interesting challenge in the fascinating world of imagination. Like most adventures, Le Lutin requires two-word commands.

The only abbreviations used are INV for inventory and EXAM for examine, When asked for the password, you need only type one word. All other words should be completely and correctly spelled. You should not be surprised if some objects leave traces after being picked up (this is an imaginary world).

Published as a type-in game for the CoCo 1 and 2 in The Rainbow magazine, July 1987, pp.59-73. The CoCo 3 version was included in that month's editions of Rainbow on Tape and Rainbow on Disk.

(The game may have been published in 1987, but the listing shows that it was written in 1986.)

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User Comments

Gunness (23-07-2018 07:41)

Interesting that the game title (meaning The Sprites of Mont Rigaud - in Canada) is in French but the game itself is in English.