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Adventure 200

Foilkade 1982

C. J. Coombs
BBC/Electron info, Dragon 32/64 info, Spectrum, ZX81
Treasure hunt
Entered by:
iamaran, Strident, Sudders



You are the head of palace security. Agents from the evil land of Grunlock, which lies to the East of the great ravine, have stolen some treasures and you are in disgrace. The king has told you that if you return to the palace without recovering ALL the treasures you will be killed.

You are dressed as a peasant and will be able to travel freely in most parts of Grunlock provided you do not arouse suspicion. All you have to go on is a torn piece of paper left behind by the thieves with some symbols on it.


An advertisement in Popular Computing News (April 1st 1983) lists this game as being available for 16K ZX81, BBC A+B, Spectrum 16/48, and Dragon 32.

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User Comments

Exemptus (24-12-2019 11:38)

Surprisingly vast and difficult for a 16k game. Requires careful planning. Mapping the game is half the challenge - it has exactly 200 rooms, hence the name.

Canalboy (17-08-2023 20:15)

This game has over 220 locations according to the author's introduction. I have seldom played a game and certainly not one in 16k that is so nit picking with the order of play. Several items cannot be dropped (without making the game unwinnable) once they are picked up and this is not always logical or obvious. A very large maze count indeed. I have just realised that you can use the verb DESCRIBE to glean more information about an object - EXAMINE is not recognised.

An interesting old fashioned voyage which I played many moons ago and made me wish to revisit an old stamping ground.
Quite why throwing a wrench turns a machine on or off I'm not sure but as "turn" isn't recognised as an action you start to experiment with obscure verbs. As Sherlock Holmes observed while lighting his calabash pipe: "Once you have eliminated the probable, the improbable, however unlikely must be the truth.

There are some clever timing puzzles in here, one with coal gas in a mine is particularly exquisite. It would have been nice to see what CJ Coombs could have constructed given larger amounts of memory to play with.