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Mansion Kali

Commodore plus 2012

Bieno Martí, Ebony Miyazaki
Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
Amstrad CPC info, C64/128 info, Spectrum
1: Mansion Kali, 2: Mansion Kali II
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Alex, Gunness, Kozelek



When you were sure you'd already made it, you were hit in the head and lost consciousness. You are stunned on the floor and realize that you are standing in front of the doors of a mansion. You remember your name, Ebony, and by the way you look you imagine that you are not here by chance...


Adventure originally done with The Quill for Commodore 64 at the end of 2012, it was soon released for Amstrad CPC by MiguelSky using Unquill to extract the source code and copy it into the Quill editor in its Amstrad version. For the Spectrum port, made by Rockersuke Moroboshi (Pedro Fernández), it was chosen as the fastest and most efficient option to adapt the resulting code from Unquill to PAWS format and compile it with the InPAWS tool, changing those default behaviors of PAWS in which it differs from its predecessor Quill to make it as identical as possible to the original.
The loading screen image is a self-portrait of Ebony, a real-life component of the Commodore Plus team, who is also photographed on the cover of the physical edition of the game.
A small print run was made for C64. Some copies were given as a prize to the first 5 players who finished the adventure and others were exhibited as a presentation in the event RetroMadrid 2013.
The Commodore version takes advantage of the audio qualities of the machine to play a melody during the loading of the program from tape.

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