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Lost Dutchman's Mine

Ahoy! info, Ion International 1988

Cleveland M. Blakemore
BASIC info, SAGA info
C64/128 info, TI-99/4A
Myths and legends, Treasure hunt, Type-in info
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Dorothy, Gunness, iamaran



Starting at the deserted Last Chance gas station you must enter the mine to find three treasures, including the Dutchman's Nugget, and return with them.


This game was published by Ion International as a BASIC type-in listing in Ahoy!, issue 54, June 1988, pp. 39–40, 80–82; issue 55, July 1988, pp. 13–14. This was meant to be a three-part series on how to write adventures. The listing was in part 1, but the author left the magazine before the third part was published.

It was later ported to ScottCom version 2.02 by Stuart George and the data file saved in the Scott Adams TI-99/4A adventure format. There are at least two versions of this file. The earlier version can be played on the TI-99/4A using the Scott Adams' Adventure cartridge. However, this version has some missing puzzles that allow you to finish the game much easier than was intended in the original game, specifically getting past the whistling spirit, getting into the narrow fissure and getting into the Indian burial ground. Avoid this version. The later version is labelled 'Port Version 0.4'. This can be played on any platform that supports the Bunyon adventure interpreter, but cannot be played on the TI-99/4A using the Scott Adams' Adventure cartridge, as the code specifically prevents it.

There are probably unofficial ports to other platforms, as well.

The game was inspired by the tale of the lost mine of German (not Dutch!) prospector Jacob Waltz. There are also some fantasy elements.

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df (02-05-2012 13:44)

This was a magazine article. A few versions in basic exist, some dont work in emulators for whatever reason