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Peninsula School Computing Project 1978

Roger Chaffee
Atari 400/800, C64/128 info, PET, TRS-80 info
Treasure hunt
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Alex, dave, Strident



You were walking through the woods and you came across the entrance of a cave, covered with brush.

People say that many years ago a pirate hid his treasure in these woods, but no one has ever found it. It may still be here, for all I know.


Although originally listed here with a 1979 date, according to a comment on Jason Dyer's blog, the adventure actually appeared first as a PET adventure as early as May 1978; it is reviewed in this Pet User's Group newsletter and is actually advertised in an even earlier issue, where it goes under the title Adventure.

The original Quest was made for seventh-graders at Peninsula School, Menlo Park, CA, who were doing a map making unit. The initial version did not include a scoring routine.

The PET 2001 version was referenced when the game appeared as a type-in in the July 1979 issue of Byte Magazine, pp.176-186. The magazine version was rewritten in a simpler dialect of BASIC to make it more compatible with other machines.

Also available in German and Italian.

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User Comments

FredB74 (29-09-2021 10:49)

There is a port for the Commodore C16/Plus4 in ????. Plus4World download link:

Exemptus (25-06-2023 14:00)

I found another unofficial port in, of all machines, the MBASIC disk of the Camputers Lyns 128K, which can be found in MAME Software List ROM set for this system. It comes as an example program, but has two typos that prevent playing it to completion. Variants of this game show up in a number of places. For instance, the Quest game for the Oric by Tansoft is a slightly upgraded translation of this one. For reference, the canonical game is the listing in BYTE Magazine, vol. 4, n. 7 (July 1979), though the game existed as a PET version well before that.