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Pyramid of Doom

Adventure International 1980

Alvin Files, Scott Adams info
Apple II, Atari 400/800, BBC/Electron info, C64/128 info, Dragon 32/64 info, Exidy Sorcerer info, PC info, Spectrum, TI-99/4A, TRS-80 info
Archaeology, Treasure hunt
Scott Adams Adventures [1: Adventureland, 2: Pirate Adventure, 3: Secret Mission, 4: Voodoo Castle, 5: Count, The, 6: Strange Odyssey, 7: Mystery Fun House, 8: Pyramid of Doom, 9: Ghost Town, 10: Savage Island part 1, 11: Savage Island part 2, 12: Golden Voyage, The, 13: Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The, 14: Return to Pirate's Isle, 15: Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The]
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Alastair, dave, Gunness, leenew



This is an Adventure that will transport you to a dangerous land of crumbling ruins and trackless desert wastes into the PYRAMID OF DOOM! Jewels, gold - it's all here for the plundering - if you can find the way.

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User Comments

Jewwbat (25-04-2019 16:54)

Okay that was really a Pyramid of doom!!! That took, I don't know how many tries, I died so many different ways! That part was great but the 2 days (Hours of attempts) I finally made it through!
Now that was cruel, so many times restarting from Nomads to sweating hands. Keep an eye out for those RNGs they will mess with yah. Haha. All in all it was a blast. Enjoy that struggle!!

Gunness (07-05-2019 11:56)

Yeah, it's not one of his easiest games! :D

Exemptus (19-04-2021 20:41)

Another treasure quest, with a few nice ideas and a few questionable ones. Feels very tight, but not that well rounded. I spent a lot of time stuck at 76 points until I came across the solution to the Pharaoh's puzzle by accident, since it subverts one of the player's basic expectations in this type of adventures - a nice touch. However, the nomad and glove annoyances don't add anything interesting. Lacks a bit of the Adams' tongue-in-cheek playful touch, but worth playing anyway.

FredB74 (29-09-2021 10:56)

There is a port for the Commodore Plus4 in 2004. Plus4World download link:

FredB74 (07-10-2021 20:05)

Just finished it. You have to be careful with your glove as it seems they dropped after a number of turns. You have to grab them back or you're dead.