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Windsloe Mansion

Agency Automation, SoftSide Publications info 1982

Windsloe Mansion Adventure, The Haunted Mission Adventure
David Steenson
Apple II, Atari 400/800, PC info, TRS-80 info
Crime, Fantasy, misc.
SoftSide Adventure of the Month [1: Arabian Adventure, 2: Alien Adventure, 3: Treasure Island, 4: Jack the Ripper Adventure, 5: Crime Adventure, 6: Around the World, 7: Black Hole, The, 8: Windsloe Mansion, 9: Klondike Adventure, 10: James Brand Adventure, 11: Witches' Brew, 12: Dateline Titanic, 13: Arrow One, 14: Robin Hood, 15: Mouse That Ate Chicago, The, 16: Menagerie, 17: Deadly Game, The, 18: Dalton Gang, The, 19: Alaskan Adventure, 20: Danger Is My Business]
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The world famous 'Pumpkin Man' has been kidnapped and is being held prisoner in the dungeon of Windsloe Mansion.
There is an underground passage that connects Windsloe Mansion to the Blair house. The Blairs have agreed to let you use their house if it will help you rescue the Pumpkin Man.

Can you overcome both the human and the supernatural creatures that are rumoured to inhabit Windsloe Mansion? More importantly, can you rescue the Pumpkin Man?


This was adventure #8 in the SoftSide Adventure of the Month Club subscription service. It was released in January 1982 and first advertised in SoftSide magazine, issue 25, vol. 5, no. 4, January 1982, p. 13.

This is called 'Windsloe Mansion' in the game itself and 'Windsloe Mansion Adventure' in the instructions and the original advertisement. The latter were written by SoftSide staff, not the original author, so the former is considered to be the correct title.

The game was ported to the PC in compiled BASIC by Steven C. Neighorn as The Haunted Mission Adventure and published by U.S. Digital Corp in 1985. It is also credited elsewhere as being published by Agency Automation, as shareware in 1987.

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