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Ojo del Dragon, El

Wazertown Works 1990

Carlos Sisi, Salvador Moncholi
Fantasy, misc.
Entered by:
Alex, Kozelek



Someone has stolen the precious jewel "The Eye of the Dragon" from the Brotherhood of Forest Elves. To recover it you will have to travel through a fabulous world in which you will meet numerous characters.


Adventure with illustrations for Spectrum 128 k. Apparently the adventure was programmed with a black and white monitor, so the illustrations are not in color, but they are very effective. The strong point of the game is the variety and quality of its Non Playing Characters, as well as its numerous objects (almost 50), the atmosphere of the locations (about 100) and the innovation of the moving graphics or the STATUS command, which informs us about the percentage of the adventure we have solved.

The adventure was lost for a long time and could not be found on the internet until Benway managed to rescue it from oblivion in August 2006 for El trastero del Spectrum.

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by boldir
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User Comments

boldir (24-05-2023 09:36)

This adventure is really hard to play, especially because of the behaviour of the non playing characters. In the final part, in order to solve the game, you have to make Optimus, Forbin and the elf follow you to the big stone door (loc. 97). Optimus and Forbin do that when you enter e.g. DECIR A OPTIMUS "SIGUEME", but the elf does not listen to this command; he has to be directed from one place to the next (DECIR A ELFO "N" etc.). All this could be quite easy if all three didn't have their own mind and suddenly took a different way, so if you lose one of them you have to follow him to bring him on the desired path again. When you have achieved to get them to the stone door and have opened it, it turns out that the elf refuses to go north to loc. 104 (he also doesn't do it by himself when you're waiting). At this location there are four statues with one button each which have to be pressed simultaneously by Optimus, Forbin, the elf and you in order to build a stairway to the rope bridge (loc. 106). Because the elf is missing, you can't continue the adventure.

Kozelek (26-05-2023 13:11)

Funnily enough, Carlos Sisí has been a relatively well-known horror and sci-fi writer in Spain: