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Hobbit, The

Melbourne House 1982

Hobbit Software Adventure, The
Philip Mitchell info, Veronika Megler info
Amstrad CPC info, Apple II, BBC/Electron info, C64/128 info, Enterprise info, Macintosh, MSX/MSX2, Oric/Atmos, PC info, Spectravideo SVI-318/328 info, Spectrum
Based on literature info, Real-time, Tolkien info
Lord of the Rings, The [1: Hobbit, The, 2: Lord of the Rings: Game One, The, 3: Shadows of Mordor, 4: Crack of Doom, The]
Entered by:
Alastair, Eriorg, Gunness, iamaran, Samwise



Welcome to the most incredible fantasy adventure the world has ever known, brought to life as the ultimate computer program. As Bilbo, the reluctant hobbit, you will find yourself on a wonderful, frightening, magical journey. You, Gandalf the Wizard, and Thorin the dwarf are off to slay the evil dragon and return the treasure he is hoarding. Along the way you will meet trolls and goblins, wizards and elves, Gollum, Bard, and other creatures of Middle-earth. You will visit many incredible places, some familiar, some new and strange, but all exciting.


Based on Tolkien's perennial masterpiece, the game features most of the central places and characters of the book.

An extensive article on the game's creation can be found at The Digital Antiquarian.

The C64 version came in two flavours: the standard tape version and a disc version with improved graphics, atmospheric music plus additional locations and puzzles.

The BBC Micro version was initially released as a text-only cassette tape adventure and then, later, as an enhanced disc version including graphics.

The game was sold in the US as The Hobbit Software Adventure.

A persistant rumour circulated about a planned sequel, Where Hobbits Dare. However, there is no evidence that Beam Software ever planned, let alone started programming such a game.

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User Comments

Exemptus (27-01-2020 17:48)

Mythical, especially for those of us that played back in the day. First adventure where the characters could do random things on their own and make the game unwinnable through no fault of the player. Back then this was regarded as awesome; later, in the post-Graham Nelson era, it would become an unforgiveable sin. :)

Gunness (28-01-2020 08:35)

Haha, yeah, not everything happening in the game is in the player's best interest!
Technical shortcomings aside, there's no question that The Hobbit pushed the boundaries of what could be accomplished on a simple 8-bit machine back in 1982. Plus.... it's The Hobbit :D
I've always been partial to the C64 disk version because the music really sets the mood.

Sudders (06-04-2022 22:45)

I finally finished this after nearly 40 years.

Just felt I had to do it! Mapping the Goblin's dungeon was a pain. Was good to see Lonely Mountain for the first time though. Biggest problem I face overall was getting home!