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Fourth Protocol, The

Hutchinson Computer Publishing 1985

Andrew Glaister, David Dunn, David Jones, Gordon Paterson, John Lambshead, Paul Norris, Ray Owen
Amstrad CPC info, Amstrad PCW info, C64/128 info, Spectrum
Based on literature info, Spy/secret agent
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Gunness, Starscream


Three-part game based on Frederick Forsyth's Cold War spy thriller, in which you must stop a Russian scheme to overthrow NATO in order to take over Western Europe.

The first part is an icon-driven strategy game, whereas parts two and three are more traditional adventure games.

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User Comments

Mr Creosote (19-05-2010 08:56)

Very unbalanced game consisting of three completely seperate parts. The first one is really good, but hardly Adventure-like (you sit at your desk, assign agents to follow suspects and deal with bureaucracy and planning). The second and third episode are made in Adventure style, but not nearly as good. The third part is even a different one on the C64 and on the Spectrum.

Richard Bos (11-05-2016 13:56)

Should Frederick Forsyth be added to the author list? He did write the book, and the storyline of the game does resemble it. It's not identical, IIRC (it's been a while since I read the book or played the game), but it's not a case of "in name only".

Alastair (21-05-2016 22:42)

Richard, unless Frederick Forsyth had any input in creating the game (see Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) adding Forsyth's name to the author list would be akin to crediting J. R. R. Tolkien or Jeffrey Archer for the adventures based on their books.