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Fantasia Diamond

Hewson Consultants 1984

Kim W. Topley
Amstrad CPC info, BBC/Electron info, Enterprise info, Spectrum
Fantasy, misc.
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dave, Gunness, iamaran, Strident



The magnificent Fantasia Diamond, a family heirloom, has been stolen and taken to the imposing fortress across the river. Boris the Masterspy, retrieved the Diamond but has been captured and imprisoned. Now it is up to you...

Meet many characters - the Guardian, the Toy Robot, the Conductor - each with his own life and personality. Some of them have a strong sense of purpose and should be handled with great care...


The game was marketed as being available for the C64, but was never released. An updated version of that entry includes the following comment from Kim, the author: "In your page about my game, Fantasia Diamond, you ask why it didn’t appear for the C64 and in other formats. The answer to your question is simply that I didn’t own a C64 at the time. The game was written first for the ZX Spectrum and then ported, by me, to the Electron and then the Amstrad CPC 464."

Also available in Dutch.

According to the entry on the ZXDB: 'Fantasia Diamond won Le prix du Meilleur Scenario for the best game scenario in the prestigious Grand Prix Internationale du Logiciel d'Adventure. Because of this, it was to be released in French as well as Dutch and German.'

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User Comments

Exemptus (16-06-2020 20:52)

The fact that this game got good reviews in its time attests to how different the idea for a good adventure was. It's like a bad copy of The Hobbit with 15 Thorins. You spend all your time chasing other characters, giving them the right objects so they can drop them again or do any of a hundred inconvenient things, and waiting for luck to give you a break so you can finally get on with the game. It does not so much test your brains as your nerves.