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Mini-Zork I

Infocom info, Zzap64 1987

Mini Zork I
Dave Lebling, Marc Blank
ZIL info
C64/128 info
Fantasy, misc., Underground info, Zork info
1: Mini-Zork I, 2: Mini-Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz
Entered by:
Alex, Denk, FredrikR, Gunness, Strident



This cut-down version of Zork I was the only Infocom title ever to be released on tape. On the C64, it was given away as a freebie with issue 67 of Zzap! magazine.

Mini-Zork has been ported to other platforms, such as the Atari 8-bit conversion by Tom Hunt/CTH Enterprises.

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User Comments

Denk (13-10-2021 09:16)

I don't think this game was officially released on the Atari 400/800, only on tape for the C64, so that should be the only platform mentioned. If I'm wrong, it would be good if someone could add a comment under "Notes", explaining where and when the official Atari version was published.

Strident (13-10-2021 09:50)

I think the Atari version is running using the Tom Hunt CTH Enterprises' Z-machine, so is a later unofficial production?

Denk (13-10-2021 13:44)

I still feel a bit new here, so I am not completely sure of which versions are regarded as official. I have the impression that games that have not been released in the public domain but are published with permission, can be regarded as official versions and should be listen under "platforms". But if the game at the time was released as public domain, then the Atari version is only one of many unofficial ports.

Strident (13-10-2021 14:32)

Yes, you're correct about that. Site policy is that only official releases are listed under platforms, with third-party ports tending to be listed in the notes section. The Atari version probably shouldn't be listed as an official platform.

(It can get a little confusing as sometimes "official" releases can actually be published without the original author's permission. Also translations into other languages tend to get classed as a new derivative work with their own entries in the database.)