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Black Hole, The

SoftSide Publications info 1981

Black Hole Adventure
BASIC info
Apple II, Atari 400/800, TRS-80 info
Based on film/TV/radio, Science fiction
SoftSide Adventure of the Month [1: Arabian Adventure, 2: Alien Adventure, 3: Treasure Island, 4: Jack the Ripper Adventure, 5: Crime Adventure, 6: Around the World, 7: Black Hole, The, 8: Windsloe Mansion, 9: Klondike Adventure, 10: James Brand Adventure, 11: Witches' Brew, 12: Dateline Titanic, 13: Arrow One, 14: Robin Hood, 15: Mouse That Ate Chicago, The, 16: Menagerie, 17: Deadly Game, The, 18: Dalton Gang, The, 19: Alaskan Adventure, 20: Danger Is My Business]
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Unabashedly (and loosely) based on the 1979 Walt Disney sci-fi movie "The Black Hole," without benefit of official licensing, this game casts the player as the captain of the USS Palomino. We land on the Cygnus, where Dr. Hans Reinhardt holds sway, and must avoid dangerous robots and solve puzzles while we explore it. This vintage adventure is unusual in that there are two separate endings -- we can fuel and repair the Palomino and return to Earth, OR (more dramatically) destroy the evil Maximillian and safely pilot a small ship through the black hole into a new universe.


This was adventure #7 in the SoftSide Adventure of the Month Club subscription service. It was released in December 1981 and first advertised in SoftSide magazine, issue 24, vol. 5, no. 3, December 1981, p. 13.

This is called 'The Black Hole' in the game itself and 'Black Hole Adventure' in the instructions and the original advertisement. The latter were written by SoftSide staff, not the original author, so the former is considered to be the correct title.

As Jason Dyer points out, although various websites attribute the game to Peter Kirsch, the game itself is uncredited and it doesn't resemble his other work.

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User Comments

FredB74 (06-10-2021 07:44)

A good little game based on "The Black Hole" universe. Even if it take some freedom with the movie, it is a good game.