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Pedro Jose Rodriguez, Raul Lopez 1989

Pedro Jose Rodriguez, Raul Lopez
Amstrad CPC info, Spectrum
Concurso de Aventuras de MicroHobby, Fantasy, misc.
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Alex, dave, Gunness, Kozelek



The evil Sergend, allied with the demon, has obtained from it a magical mirror that has the terrible power to madden those who see themselves in it, because it reflects all that is horrible in the human soul, full of passions and fears.

With this mirror he intends to put an end to all the people of good will that are in his domains, because only the wicked are capable of contemplating their own vileness.

Seeing that his plans are being fulfilled quickly, Sergend takes his daring to the extreme and deposits the magic mirror in the only monastery on his land. Most monks, ignorant of the dark magic of the mirror, succumb to its diabolical power.

The few survivors understand that they can do nothing and leave the monastery grief-stricken, sending messengers beyond the boundaries of Sergend's lands, searching for people willing to destroy the mirror.

The knight Bronhir receives the sad news and decides to end the tyranny of the cursed mirror, but on his way to the monastery he is captured by Sergend's henchmen and locked up in an inn. This is where the adventure begins.


Espejos was programmed with en Ensamblador in 1987 with the intention of being distributed by Dinamic in its newly created adventure division. However, the adventure was never published, so the author decided to submit it to the MicroHobby Adventure Contest. The adventure was finally one of the seven ex-aequo winners of the contest and ended up being distributed in the CAAD fanzine.

The adventure was "missing in action" for quite some time after the disappearance of the CAAD Fanzine until the Spectrum version was rescued in 2001 by Pianoman from the IRC Hispano channel #spectrum.

In 2011 the web Amstrad ESP recovered the version of Amstrad CPC -unpublished until then- from the tapes of Juan José Muñoz Falcó.

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